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Our Projects

Heritage School

We are in the process of taking over a school for developing it as a heritage school. Along with the normal academic curriculum, children from primary level will undergo a comprehensive education system where equal attention is paid to physical, emotional and intellectual development to make them dynamic and responsible citizens. Moralistic and value-based education will be imparted to the students.

Skills in the children are identified during their close interaction with the teachers. For example, Dance forms help the children to develop movements and expressions, music helps in modulation of voice and dramatics helps in art of expressions. Schemes to convert waste into valuables help creativity besides generating awareness on conservation of nature. Every creative and intellectual aspects in children will be explored and nurtured through this balanced system of education. This form of education will make them to meet the challenges of global society while retaining the traditional values as responsible citizens.

Sustainable Heritage Village

All the projects mentioned earlier would form part of a sustainable Heritage Village being planned and developed with Aranmula Temple as its focal point. The concept envisages the overall development of Aranmula, promoting its rich heritage while maintaining the harmony of various components from physical to spiritual. A self sustaining village with serene and clean environs is planned, a model which can be replicated elsewhere in the country. Villages around Aranmula would be brought under the scheme in a phased manner.

Village development involves;

  • Biogas plants to process waste from Temples as well as Households. The plants will generate energy and manure for organic farming.
  • Encourage organic farming.
  • Generate non conventional energy.
  • Keep villages clean and hygienic with the help of volunteers from Educational Institutions and Self-help groups of residents.
  • Evolve programs to develop harmony and cooperation among the residents.

Heritage Musuem

Aranmula is known for its mystifying beauty and its rich heritage, but there are a lot of special souvenirs, which sets heritage of Aranmula up and above others! The museum will showcase several artefacts of heritage value, besides items such as Aranmula Kannadi, Thiruvonathoni, Chundan Vallam, Oars, Decorations, etc., which are specific to Aranmula. The museum will also display historical items from various rulers, coins, title deeds in Brass, murals, paintings, etc., which will make the future generation understand our glorious periods of ancient past.

A Library and a Reading room with sufficient collection of books on history, traditions, rituals, culture, archaeology, epics, etc., are planned to be associated with the Museum. It is our plan to facilitate research, academic and applied, on our heritage.

Heritage College and Institutes

The initiative of imparting the balanced education will continue through the Heritage Colleges and institutions, which would follow the same system of imparting futuristic level of education, yet adhering to the values and morals of our tradition, like in the Heritage School. Apart from academically oriented courses such as Bachelor degrees and Post Graduate degrees, the plan include professionally and career oriented courses such as X-Ray technician, Healthcare, Pharmacy technician, Nursing, instrumentation, software and hardware skills, etc. Appropriate programmes and curriculum will be designed with the experts in the respective fields to inculcate values such as integrity, honesty, respect for others, quality consciousness and passion for excellence while make them at par and competitive with the changing education scenario.

Heritage Treatment Center

Sprouted in the pristine land of India some 5000 years ago, Ayurveda, the Science of Life and Longevity, is the oldest holistic healthcare system in the world and it combines the profound thoughts of medicine and philosophy. Kerala possesses an unbroken tradition of Ayurveda that has surpassed the many invasions and intrusions both foreign and native. We have an unusually rich and effective method of heritage treatment in the form of Ayurveda. This form of treatment has now received wide acceptance all over the world because of its effectiveness in most of the ailments. It’s our plan to set up a traditional Ayurveda treatment centre with specialists in each field to cater the needy.

For various reasons, number of youngsters get addicted to liquor and drugs are increasing tremendously shaking the pillars of our family. We have plans to setup de-addiction centres with facilities for psycho therapy, anti-craving medications, psychiatric services, nutrition and diet programme, fitness and exercise programme, alternate therapies such as Yoga, Meditation, etc.

Heritage Festival

Kerala's art forms are known world over and are famous for its inherent beauty and traditional values. Several of our traditional art forms are unknown to the new generation. Not many artists are coming forward to learn and practice several of our traditional art forms. It’s our plan to conduct heritage festivals to popularise some of our art forms such as Theyyam, a dance form which is part of cultural heritage of north Malabar, Mudiyettu, a ritualistic and rural performing art, Padayani, a ritualistic art form from central Travancore, Kummatti kali, a dance form performed during Onam festival in Central Travancore, Kathakali, Ottanthullal, Koodiyattam, Kooth, Mohiniyattam, etc.

The festival also will feature heritage food from various parts of India and other countries, exhibition of cloths, paintings and handicrafts. Recently, "Chakka Maholtsavam" (Jackfruit festival) was conducted to promote the fruit and its nutritious value to the younger generation in sustaining the fruit's popularity and its importance in the economy of Kerala. It evoked unprecedented interest among people all across Kerala and many new value-added products were showcased at the venue with hands-on training sessions. Many entrepreneurs used this festival for seeking new business avenues, especially women. All the print and visual media highlighted the popularity of the programme and the number of visitors stand testimony to its success.

Heritage Homes for Elders

There was a time when extended family (non-nuclear family) existed in Kerala. There were husband-wife with their children, grandparents, aunt-uncles, etc., who used to live together under one roof. With the advent of nuclear families, the elders are forced to fend for themselves. According to available statistics, the life span of Keralites also is increased. The children have to go to other places or countries to make a living while the parents do not like to leave their familiar surroundings. There are conflicts in lifestyle, food habits, behavior, language and upbringing which make the senior citizen opt to continue independent life. They require love, security, attention and support which will be provided in an atmosphere of love and care at the heritage homes. It surely is not profit making but refreshing, soothing and palliative in the ripe old age of our senior citizens.

Home for Destitute Women

This project will setup shelter and protection to all those women who were not lucky enough in their journey of life yet deserves to lead a fair life, just like any other women in this society. We will also impart schemes to empower them which will help them lead a sustainable, independent life towards the rest of their life. Self-reliant and confident women are real moving force in any society and we strive to achieve such a status for all the women by establishing such a Home.

Home for Destitute Children

There are several children who were abandoned or left alone by the parents for various reasons. This project will enable us to adopt these children and provide them a HOME with Love, Compassion, Care and Values in life. This will create a feeling of belonging and instill confidence in them to remove any alienation and scars of loneliness. This will certainly create a subtle change in their thinking of desolation and make the realise that there are people in the society who care for them and they are wanted. They will be given good education and opportunities so as to become responsible citizens.