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Aranmula Heritage Village

Aranmula, is a sanctuary of aesthetics, spirituality and pastoral bliss situated in the Southern State of Kerala. An experience far from mundane, Aranmula possesses all the attributes of rural Kerala. Aranmula is an enchanting, beautiful, serene village on the banks of the Holy River Pamba and is blessed with lush green hillocks, rich biodiversity, paddy fields and wetlands, freshwater streams, coconut groves, rubber plantations,; this hamlet mirrors an idyllic panorama! Temples and Churches, festivals and spiritual gatherings, all leading to a mystical aura to the village.

Aranmula is particularly famous for ‘Aranmula Kannadi’ (a mirror made of unique, secret metal alloys and its amazing metal mirror work), the Parthasarathy Temple and the annual Snake Boat race which has been taking place since the 14th century.Several Institutions have been built up over the years to protect and energize the local culture and arts in Aranmula. One of the best ways to understand culture is to study the traditional arts, crafts and language of the region. The Vijnana Kala Vedi in Aranmula offers this opportunity and is doing a magnificent service in promoting Kerala culture. The Vastu Vidhya Gurukulams pecialises in teaching and training traditional architecture and mural paintings.

The objective of the Cultural Heritage Project is to improve the promotion of Ayurveda Trust heritage.

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